"foREVer So Far Away in A Little Piece of Heaven"

My name is Hannah. i enjoy pink. old fashion. photography. music. my all time favorite animal is a penguin they are exactly like me, they are short cute and they walk/ waddle funny :p. family. cheerleading. orchestra (violin). football. racing. disney. I'm loud. I'm myself. i don't take anyone's shit. i am willing to help my friends as best i can. i get attached, 90% of the time that happens i get hurt. i put others before myself. the more people hate me i know that I'm doing something right. in life all i want to be is a teacher, i want a family, and someone that will be there for me when i don't ask them to be, someone who will love me back without me having to say anything to them. Avenged Sevenfold geek and they are my all time favorite band. "foREVer So Far Away in A Little Piece of Heaven" - me. i secretly love surprises. i love it when a guy is romantic. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite movie. i love being in school. if you can't handle my amazingness then go FUCK YOURSELF, Have a nice day :)

the way i see the world will be easier to understand if i say this....You know when you spin in circles really really fast with your arms wide flying around? That's what the world always feels like but then you fall down and catch your breath and yet, the world is still spinning in a swirls of colors, to me that feeling is like falling in love, being on cloud 9, having a thousand words to say and yet nothing to say at all. That my friends is a Swirl of a world...and that's my world.